Handover over Rotary of Capricorn Coast

As another year rolls over our local community club has achieved so much in the past year and on the 14 July our handover dinner was held at the Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club.

Greg Wilson the outgoing President  noted some of the outcomes that as a club we should be proud of. We delivered .

  • a participant to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
  • 2 participants to Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)
  • Partnered with Mt Morgan Rotary Club to send a student to National You the Science Forum
  • In conjunction with Yeppoon Club, held the first Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Training Program for Yeppoon High School at PCYC
  • Donated hand-made toys to the Children’s Hospital
  • Prepared a Display for Talisman Sabre
  • Organised a raffle to raise funds for Polio at the Polio Movie Night
  • Held a golf Day to raise funds for Variety the children’s charity that has gone towards helping local child Harry Randall to reach his potential to read and write.
  • Supported Umoja Orphanage by paying staff wages
  • Purchased and assembled a hand for Land Mine Victims in Cambodia

Mike Suthers our clubs incoming President out lined his goals for the year and affirmed  the clubs vision for the up coming year. “Rotary with Fun”  He said,

“I would like to  increase membership by 100% yes that’s right. Seems a bit ambitious you say but maybe not, if each member could introduce just one new person to our little club in 12 months we would have 30 members and I will have achieved my goal by changeover July 2019. Our long term membership will come from our local youth and future leaders in the community so it makes a lot of sense to channel a lot of effort into working and partnering with our local state high school to form an Interact Club at the school. Once again thank you for making the effort to attend and enjoy the year ahead as a Rotarian”.