Buddy Benches For Yeppoon High School

Rotary on Capricorn Coast have kindly donated two buddy benches for the Yeppoon High school to be used as “Buddy Benches”.

The benches are located at the front of the Multi Learning Centre.

Students know the benches are a safe place and are encouraged that if some one is sitting on the bench, to stop, sit and ask if they are OK.

Buddy benches provide a practical way for students to explore being a friend and an opportunity show empathy.

Within the Rotary ethical framework, we see that these benches will build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS and BENIFIT all.

 “To make a friend, you need to be a friend” and “Kindness is contagious!”


Rotary on Capricorn Coast Youth Driver Awareness

Combined Clubs of the district in partnership with Road Safety Education Limited is offering  senior high school  students in 2018  a road safety education  program.  The flagship RYDA Program is delivered each year to over 50,000 senior high school students from more than 650 participating schools.

Yeppoon High School has included this program into its curriculum  for  Monday 14 May 2018, and will be undertaking at the PYC complex in Yeppoon.

At RYDA, students attend six interactive sessions at a dedicated venue over the course of a school day. In small peer groups, they are challenged to change the way they think about road safety; participating in a stopping distance demonstration, devising personalised strategies, gaining an understanding of their individual risk profile and getting tips from road safety experts on how to protect themselves, their friends and family.

The greatest impact at RYDA often comes from the personal stories of loss and survival where students come to realise how one poor choice can change a life forever.

By participating in RYDA, schools further their commitment to educating the ‘whole student’, providing a unique opportunity to learn essential life skills as they face the challenges of driving solo or as an influential passenger of a novice driver.

Now is the time to equip young people with the tools and knowledge they need to stay safe on the road.

For more information on how you could help please contact us.

Lucie Page of Yeppoon our latest member

At our recent club meeting Lucie Page was inducted as a member to the club.

Lucie brings to the club a youthful prospective  of our diverse community .  Her life experiences and profession will support our clubs focus on youth and facilities that support families.

Our club, being new to the Rotary District family, welcomes Lucie and wishes to invite you to experience our fellowship and be involved in our vision.

Rotary on Capricorn Coast Website Published

Our Club continues to develop its digital footprint.

We appreciate greatly , Jeff Quigley of Studioquigs and Rob Tait of VTE Computers for developing and hosting the project.

We found these like minded community minded Cap Coast lads wonderful to work with, and so supportive of our fledgling club.

Thanks Heaps