Handover over Rotary of Capricorn Coast

As another year rolls over our local community club has achieved so much in the past year and on the 14 July our handover dinner was held at the Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club.

Greg Wilson the outgoing President  noted some of the outcomes that as a club we should be proud of. We delivered .

  • a participant to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
  • 2 participants to Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)
  • Partnered with Mt Morgan Rotary Club to send a student to National You the Science Forum
  • In conjunction with Yeppoon Club, held the first Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Training Program for Yeppoon High School at PCYC
  • Donated hand-made toys to the Children’s Hospital
  • Prepared a Display for Talisman Sabre
  • Organised a raffle to raise funds for Polio at the Polio Movie Night
  • Held a golf Day to raise funds for Variety the children’s charity that has gone towards helping local child Harry Randall to reach his potential to read and write.
  • Supported Umoja Orphanage by paying staff wages
  • Purchased and assembled a hand for Land Mine Victims in Cambodia

Mike Suthers our clubs incoming President out lined his goals for the year and affirmed  the clubs vision for the up coming year. “Rotary with Fun”  He said,

“I would like to  increase membership by 100% yes that’s right. Seems a bit ambitious you say but maybe not, if each member could introduce just one new person to our little club in 12 months we would have 30 members and I will have achieved my goal by changeover July 2019. Our long term membership will come from our local youth and future leaders in the community so it makes a lot of sense to channel a lot of effort into working and partnering with our local state high school to form an Interact Club at the school. Once again thank you for making the effort to attend and enjoy the year ahead as a Rotarian”.


2 Good Blokes

On Friday 10th August our self awarded in club MICHELIN Star Chefs/cooks are at it again at the RED FOOT Cabaret. The evening of fabulous entertainment, at the Yeppoon Town Hall doors Open at 6.00pm.

Experience Lock & Hock Production live theatre, while enjoying a 3 course meal with your choice of drink from our well stocked bar.

Successful Road Safety Program

On Monday 14 May 2018, 130, year 11 Students from Yeppoon State High School, attended RYDA a driver education day. The Yeppoon and Capricorn Coast Rotary Clubs organised this driver education day to better support young people who are most at risk of being involved is a serious crash in the first six months of their driving.


The road safety education day was made up of six interactive workshops at the PCYC facility, Cooee Bay, Yeppoon. In small peer groups, students were challenged to change the way they think about road safety; they observed a speed and braking demonstration, got tips from road safety experts and heard a personal account from a road crash survivor.


The program content  developed by the national Road Safety Education organisation (rse.org.au) who is the leading provider of road safety education for youth in Australia. The flagship Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program (RYDA) is delivered each year to over 50,000 high school students from more than 650 participating schools.


The greatest impact at RYDA comes from the personal stories of loss and survival where students come to realise how one poor choice can change a life forever.


Our clubs would like to acknowledge our Expert facilitators who were amazing.

Leyland Barnett , Evolution training

Ila Chippendale, PCYC

Snr Sergeant, Ashley Hull

Snr Constable, Tanya Shield

Trevor Neumann, TMR

Sandi Small, Spinal Life

Bob Day,YSHS


The day was planned by Robert Clegg, Yeppoon and Peter Long Capricorn coast and this leadership team  coordinated the Rotary volunteers, in its successful delivery.


Of course this program required  financial support and we thank Ian Weigh Toyota, Coal Train, Livingstone Shire/ Inverness/ KBSC – Community Grants Program, the Hon. Brittany Lauga and the Hon. Michelle Landry.



On Saturday 13 August 2016,  the newest Rotary Club in the world, The Rotary Club of Capricorn Coast, QLD Australia celebrated their Charter night when they received their official Charter document from Rotary District Governor Craig Winter.

“The new Capricorn Coast Rotary Club joins a worldwide network of over 35,000 clubs and 1.2million business, professional and community leaders who have ‘felt the spark’, and decided to make their communities and world a better place. The formation of this new club increases our capabilities within the region, and will allow even more new members to experience what Rotary has to offer.” Mr. Winter Said.

The Charter night was held at Beaches Restaurant Rosslyn Bay Resort with 65 people attending including the Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry and the State Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga.

The inaugural President of this club Neil McDonell said, “it was a fantastic night where we celebrated 12 months of hard work bringing the club together by gaining the minimum numbers necessary to form a charter club which is 20 members.”

“There are over 1,100 Rotary Clubs in Australia, of which 50 of them are located in Central Queensland, one of the largest and most expansive districts in Australia, but all of which make a significant difference to the lives of the people in their regions, and beyond.” MR. Winter said.

Mr. McDonell said, The club started off last year in August as a Satellite club of the Rotary Club of Rockhampton who are the new club’s sponsors.

“Rotary Clubs in Central Queensland directly contributed an estimated $2million to their local communities last year alone and are responsible for a further $5-10million in cooperative funding, donations and in-kind gifts as well.”

The club meets at 0630 for a 0700 start each Wednesday morning at Beaches bistro at Rosslyn Bay Resort, anyone interested in joing can contact the club via email rotaryoncc@gmail.com.

Mr. Winter went on to say, “Rotary Clubs make a real difference, the members work hard, and their dedication to ‘Service Above Self’ reflects the strong ethical commitment each one of them has to their Club. It’s not uncommon to see a highly ranked Barrister cooking sausages, or a Member of Parliament building wheelchairs in Rotary. That’s what we do, we step beyond our daily lives to help others, no matter what our social status.”

“As Governor, my motto of ‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’ reflects what this Rotary District is all about. We see a need, we design a solution, and we overcome obstacles to complete the task. I am exceptionally proud to be able to Charter this new club, and wish them all the best for the future. ”

Buddy Benches For Yeppoon High School

Rotary on Capricorn Coast have kindly donated two buddy benches for the Yeppoon High school to be used as “Buddy Benches”.

The benches are located at the front of the Multi Learning Centre.

Students know the benches are a safe place and are encouraged that if some one is sitting on the bench, to stop, sit and ask if they are OK.

Buddy benches provide a practical way for students to explore being a friend and an opportunity show empathy.

Within the Rotary ethical framework, we see that these benches will build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS and BENIFIT all.

 “To make a friend, you need to be a friend” and “Kindness is contagious!”


Rotary on Capricorn Coast Youth Driver Awareness

Combined Clubs of the district in partnership with Road Safety Education Limited is offering  senior high school  students in 2018  a road safety education  program.  The flagship RYDA Program is delivered each year to over 50,000 senior high school students from more than 650 participating schools.

Yeppoon High School has included this program into its curriculum  for  Monday 14 May 2018, and will be undertaking at the PYC complex in Yeppoon.

At RYDA, students attend six interactive sessions at a dedicated venue over the course of a school day. In small peer groups, they are challenged to change the way they think about road safety; participating in a stopping distance demonstration, devising personalised strategies, gaining an understanding of their individual risk profile and getting tips from road safety experts on how to protect themselves, their friends and family.

The greatest impact at RYDA often comes from the personal stories of loss and survival where students come to realise how one poor choice can change a life forever.

By participating in RYDA, schools further their commitment to educating the ‘whole student’, providing a unique opportunity to learn essential life skills as they face the challenges of driving solo or as an influential passenger of a novice driver.

Now is the time to equip young people with the tools and knowledge they need to stay safe on the road.

For more information on how you could help please contact us.